Admission (12A) ***

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In August, thousands of teenagers across the UK will be biting nails down to the cuticle, nervously awaiting A-level results that might allow them to chart a course through the choppy waters of higher education.

The admission office is the beating heart of each seat of learning, providing a central point of contact for prospective students, parents, teachers and advisers.



Admission is a lightweight romantic comedy about a key member of staff at one of America’s most prestigious universities, who bears the responsibility of making or shattering young dreams.

Portia Nathan (Tina Fey) is one of the most dedicated members of staff in the admissions office at Princeton University and she’s in the running for a promotion.

She throws herself into her work while dealing with the emotional fallout from losing her professor boyfriend, Mark (Michael Sheen), to another member of faculty.

On her annual tour of high schools in her district, she visits a bohemian place of learning run by former college classmate John Pressman (Paul Rudd). Based on the novel by Jean Hanff Korelitz, this simply doesn’t make the grade.