Jupiter Ascending (12A)**

Mila Kunis as Jupiter Jones
Mila Kunis as Jupiter Jones
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Jupiter Ascending is a bombastic space opera with a muddled narrative glued together by jaw-dropping digital trickery.

In 3D and IMAX, the writer-directors serve up a feast for the senses, choreographing aerial battles at dizzying speed to the propulsive clatter of Michael Giacchino’s score that take heavy choral nods from the most recent Star Wars trilogy.

Once the computer-generated dust settles and the good-looking cast attempts to distil the plot, you sense any logic was jettisoned out of an airlock in order to accommodate the state-of-the-art thrills.

It plays out as a lavish slice of sci-fi hokum, punctuated by occasional lines of loopy dialogue, and lukewarm on-screen romance.

You get what you pay for and Jupiter Ascending is a dazzling, cacophonous yet almighty mess.