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Justin and Usher
Justin and Usher
Alicia Vikander in Tomb Raider.

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Dreams can come true – no really, they can.

In the space of two years, 16-year-old Justin Bieber has become pop music’s cutest and brightest young thing, inspiring the kind of hysteria that greeted The Beatles and Take That in their heyday.

Caught in the eye of a storm, admittedly of his own making, the teenage singer-songwriter from Canada seems remarkably down to earth and unaffected by the hordes of fans who track his every move via social networking websites.

That wholesome image as the boy-next-door is reinforced by this life-affirming behind the scenes documentary about the boy wonder’s rise to fame – culminating in his first concert at New York’s Madison Square Gardens.

If you believe Jon Chu’s film – and let us not forget this is a recording company marketing tool to preach to the Beliebers and swell the flock – the singer is well protected from the media glare by a team of people which resembles one big, happy family.

So you have a tour bus crammed with bodyguard Kenny Hamilton, who doesn’t leave Justin’s side, vocal coach Jan Smith, stylist Ryan Good, tour general manager Allison Kaye and manager Scooter, who gets all misty-eyed when he says to the camera: ‘To think, the 12-year-old kid I found on YouTube is going to be at the Garden...’

Chu structures his film as a diary of the 10 days leading up to the New York concert, during which time Justin’s vocal chords become inflamed.

Concert footage attests to Bieber’s ability to sing live including U Smile with backing from Boyz II Men, a duet of Overboard with Miley Cyrus, a remix of Somebody To Love featuring Usher and the infuriatingly catchy Baby.

Call a doctor – I may have contracted Bieber fever.