Ocean film festival comes to the Kings Theatre

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THE Ocean Film Festival World Tour is coming to Portsmouth this autumn.

The festival returns to the UK this year, bringing an evening of magnificent and jaw-dropping ocean films to almost 30 venues across Britain and Northern Ireland.

The Ocean Film Festival World Tour is coming to Portsmouth

The Ocean Film Festival World Tour is coming to Portsmouth

On October 4, Portsmouth residents have the chance to view some of these inspirational short films as they will be shown at the Kings Theatre.

The festival originated in Australia. The best ocean-themed shorts are selected each year and feature a glimpse at life above and below the water’s surface.

The film programme lasts for two hours and ticket-holders will get the opportunity to win a prizes, with ocean-related goodies up for grabs.

The audience will get the chance to see free divers exploring haunting shipwrecks, nomadic sailors facing the icy waters of Antarctica and beautiful shots of humpback whales and the endangered Giant Pacific Mantaray.

The Sea Gypsie team on their 8,000 mile voyage

The Sea Gypsie team on their 8,000 mile voyage

Tour director Neil Teasdale said: ‘We’re delighted to be bringing the Ocean Film Festival World Tour back to UK audiences for the fourth year running,

‘Featuring incredible cinematography, the films capture the raw beauty and power of the ocean, while celebrating an eclectic and fascinating mix of characters who live for the sea’s salt spray.’

The films will feature intrepid journeys into wild seas and introduce audiences to marine life that is both colourful and, at times, bizarre.

Characters covered in the shorts include ‘Fishpeople’. The film showcases surfers, spearfishers and a group of at-risk kids in San Francisco who disregard fear and see the ocean as a limitless world of fun.

Another short, Sea Gypsies, features the Infinity ship and her crew on a 8,000-mile voyage from New Zealand to Patagonia. The ship was built by hand in 1970 and lacks some of the reinforcements considered necessary for such an extreme expedition.

For more information about the films and what the event has to offer, visit oceanfilmfestival.co.uk