Sanctum 3D (15) * *

A scene from Sanctum
A scene from Sanctum
Mark Hamill. Credit: Wiki Commons

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Inspired by true events, which were presumably far more thrilling than anything in Alister Grierson’s waterlogged film, Sanctum charts the ordeal of a group of cave divers trapped below ground during a freak storm.

In real life, all of the stricken adventurers escaped the subterranean tomb.

On the big screen, writers John Garvin and Andrew Wight prefer a much more tragic resolution.

Unfortunately, their script is one splashing flipper shy of campy hilarity and neither writer has a sharp ear for convincing dialogue.

Expert diver Frank McGuire (Richard Roxburgh) and his team, including Crazy George (Dan Wyllie) and Jude (Allison Cratchley), search for a path to the sea.

Adrenaline junkie financier Carl Hurley (Ioan Gruffudd) arrives with his girlfriend to spur Frank on.

A cyclone catches everyone off-guard – and the only possible escape route is uncharted territory in the cave system.

Sanctum should have gone straight to DVD... except for the use of 3D camera technology.