Stolen (12A) *

Nicolas Cage as Will Montgomery in Stolen.
Nicolas Cage as Will Montgomery in Stolen.
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Following the lead of the hugely successful Taken, Stolen film hangs its flimsy premise on the daredevil antics of a gung-ho father who will do anything to rescue his kidnapped daughter.

Unfortunately, Nicolas Cage is no substitute for Liam Neeson, wheezing and puffing through numerous action sequences, including a high-stakes game of cat and mouse played out during New Orleans carnival season.

He perfects his minimal acting style as thief Will Montgomery, who pulls off an audacious heist with his associates Vincent (Josh Lucas), Riley (Akerman) and Hoyt (MC Gainey).

One member of the crew gets greedy and Will is arrested shortly after he incinerates the incriminating 10 million dollar haul.

Will emerges from prison eight years later with a desire to go straight, which infuriates arresting officer Tim Harlend (Danny Huston), who mistakenly believes Will squirrelled away the loot.

The ex-con’s plans to start afresh begin with meeting with his truculent teenage daughter, Alison (Sami Gayle) who is then kidnapped and held hostage for the missing cash.