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What if everything we do has been pre-ordained as part of some invisible grand design? This is the shocking truth that faces the beleaguered hero of The Adjustment Bureau.

Writer-director George Nolfi’s fast-paced thriller ponders the ripple effect when one man attempts to defy the future that has been apparently mapped out for him.

It’s smartly scripted and slickly directed, anchored by another compelling performance from the ever reliable Matt Damon.

He plays ambitious New York politician David Norris, who has overcome tragedy in his personal life to lead the charge for the US Senate and The White House.

On the eve of an important speech, David meets gifted dancer Elise Sellas (Emily Blunt) and the chance encounter proves a turning point in David’s potentially glittering future, leading to a startling revelation: he is not the master of his own destiny.

Well-suited gents in hats are silently working behind the scenes, ensuring every human being keeps to a path that has been designed for them. David is prepared to fight to the death for his love – and the bureau agents are only too happy to nudge him to the brink.