The Face of Love (12A)***

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Nikki (Annette Bening) is an interior designer, who is hired by estate agents to add warm and inviting touches to their properties.

During a 30th anniversary celebration with her husband Garrett (Ed Harris), tragedy strikes and Nikki returns home a grieving widow.

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LOL d04 _29.NEF PPP-141012-095526001

Her adult daughter Summer (Jess Weixler) is completely caught up in her own relationship woes and fails to offer any emotional support to Nikki while next door neighbour Roger (Robin Williams, in one of his final roles) yearns to be an emotional rock but is kept at a distance.

As Nikki comes to terms with her devastating loss, she seeks solace at an art gallery where she happens upon divorced painter Tom (Harris again), who is the spitting image of her late spouse.

Obsessed with this handsome doppelganger, Nikki goes out of her way to romance Tom and sparks fly.

The relationship deepens and Nikki struggles to keep her tragic past a secret from her new beau.