The House of Magic (U)**

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Set largely within the confines of an ageing conjurer’s home, Jeremy Degruson and Ben Stassen’s undemanding computer-animated fantasy centres on a discarded feline, whose pluck and determination overcome adversity.

Abandoned ginger tabby cat Thunder (voiced by Murray Blue) is taken in by Lawrence, a retired magician, who is subsequently injured in a traffic accident and ends up in hospital. The old man’s scheming nephew Daniel (Grant George) attempts to sell the house and despatch his uncle to a retirement home, while the magician’s various animals attempt to foil his plot.

Thunder the cat, centre, in a scene from The House of Magic

Thunder the cat, centre, in a scene from The House of Magic

With its bright colours and linear narrative, The House Of Magic should engage younger audiences.

Older children will have to amuse themselves – the animation lacks the sophistication of Pixar, while the script operates on a single unchallenging level.