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BIG THANK YOU Left to right, firefighter Tom Davies, Southsea Red Watch Manager Jamie Wren, Astoria staff Gemma Sands, Alistair Ritchie, Mark Rumbold, with firefighter James Errigo, and firefighter Alex McMahon Picture by:  Malcolm Wells (180411-4308)

Service charities boosted by clubbers’ generosity after fire

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I do like it when a seemingly insignificant venue gets a push and, in some ways, starts to overshadow it’s big brother. This is happening right now with the Edge of the Wedge.

What used to be a place to have a pint before going to see a band in the main venue is now a viable club and venue in its own right.

To me this investment is long overdue, as the place has always had a lot of potential.

There is something great about students and young people cramming into a small room to have a good time. Just think about the popularity of Scandals just a few years ago.

There are two great new nights at the Edge this week, proving that they are now a force to be reckoned with. Tonight, running alongside It’s a Sin, is a night directed to all of the lovers of 1980s electronica and new romantic tunes, Quick Step and Side Kick.

Whether it’s ABC or Ultravox, they’ll be playing a unique mix of hits that defined the era. Frilly shirts and back-combs are not essential, but encouraged.

The night starts at 10pm and entry is completely free. The Edge doors will be open enabling you to head to It’s a Sin for classic hits all night long whenever you please.

Again, the Edge is the place to be tomorrow night for Swanky Sessions. This is a new night focuses on providing the best dance and house music around and delivering it with the perfect party atmosphere.

Keep your eyes peeled while your there too. Swanky Sessions will be giving away free drinks to those who can catch a Ping-Pong ball in their red cups.

The night features DJs Olly Jefferies, DANNImac, Tasso and Business Partners and runs from 9pm until 2am.

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