Portsmouth nightclub to ban use of plastic straws

Customers at Pryzm Portsmouth will no longer be served plastic straws. Picture: Ben Wilson

CLUBGOERS will no longer be contributing to the continued pollution of our landfill sites and oceans, after a nightclub moved to ban the use of plastic straws.

Pryzm in Stanhope Road, Portsmouth, has banned all plastic straws and moved to a biodegradable alternative for cocktails, mixers and soft drinks.

The aim is to reduce the venue’s plastic consumption and make it a greener night out for visitors.

It comes as The News launches a new campaign to fight against single-use plastics in the region.

The new biodegradable straws will be introduced on Monday.

Straws will also not be routinely served in a drink, but instead just be made available upon request.

Pryzm, part of the Deltic Group, is bringing in the ban as part of its commitment to be a more eco-friendly and sustainable operation

General manager of Pryzm Portsmouth Dave Joyce says he is looking forward to introducing the new straws.

He said: ‘We’re all about serving up a great night out but from February 19 the only straws we’ll offer to customers will be made from renewable plant sources.

‘They’ll biodegrade in six months rather than hundreds of years so they won’t add to the planet’s pollution problems.

‘Our customers and colleagues are more environmentally aware so I’m sure they’ll welcome the change and agree that plastic sucks.’

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