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Tom Crain
Tom Crain
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Stand-up comic and writer, Tom Crain has supported Rhod Gilbert on his award-winning Mince Pie tour and Alan Carr at the Soho theatre.

He’s written and starred in a Radio 2 sitcom, presented his own BBC Radio show, played the lead in a mini sitcom on Dave, and filmed a number of comedy films for BBC Extra as part of the Jigsaw sketch group, alongside Dan Antopolski and Nat Luurtsema.

You may also have seen him on Arthur Smith’s Comedy Club (ITV) and Rhod Gilbert’s Jest a minute (BBC).

While The Times chose Tom’s 2010 Edinburgh show for their Top Five picks of the festival.

We found out more about the man.

When did you first realise you were funny?

There was no sudden epiphany, no one particular night where I woke up screaming: ‘Mother, I’m going to be a comedian!’.

I suppose I just always enjoyed making people laugh and gave stand up a go because it looked fun.

I had no idea you could make a living from it. It still amazes me now. It really is a silly job.

What would you be if you weren’t a comedian?

I studied developmental psychology before becoming a comedian, so something within education.

I’d probably be the sort of teacher kids liked, but learned nothing from.

Which three things make you laugh?

1) My incredibly weird but brilliant dad.

2) Seeing my incredibly weird but brilliant dad being attacked by a goose.

3) Being asked specifically which three things make me laugh.

What’s your favourite one-liner?

Despite being a comedian, I have no memory for jokes.

High time I had a career re-think.

Who’s your hero?

My brother, Robert, recently got attacked by a hawk when hang-gliding, so – for the moment – he’s my hero. That’s far cooler than anything I’ve ever achieved.

If someone I love is attacked by a larger bird of prey, they will replace him.

In comedy, I’d have to say Daniel Kitson. He’s the comedian’s comedian.

· See Tom at the Wedge Comedy Club in Southsea next Friday (May 6) with Danny Ward and Dinga. Doors open at 7.30pm, food is served until 8.45pm and there’s a disco until 2.30am. Tickets: £8. Tom will also appear at Camp Bestival and Bestival.