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For every woman, there are four essential dresses; the wrap dress, the sundress, the cocktail dress and the winter dress.

The wrap dress became popular in the 1970s. It was worn by pop stars and later became a popular dress with iconic women such as Princess Diana. Now those who wear it include Paris Hilton.

It seems to attract dramatic patterns and colours, and offers a stylish and sometimes quirky aspect to a wardrobe. It best suits a curvy figure with a larger bust, but it can be worn as a stylish evening dress or a smart one for work. It’s the perfect one to take on holiday, as it requires minimal maintenance.

Over the years, sundresses seem to echo a style from the 1950s. After the war there was an explosion of colour and print, and a sundress became known for its flamboyance. It makes you smile.

It’s usually made of cotton, and women of all ages can wear sundresses, but the shorter ones are best left to the young.

Cocktail dresses used to be black. They were never more than two inches above the knee or three inches below it. Coco Chanel created the black slip dress that we associate with them, and they were black to enhance men with black ties and dinner jackets at parties.

They are normally made from luscious fabrics such as crepe de chine or satin. Modern cocktail dresses come in all colours, patterns and shapes, but nothing says sophistication like that little black dress.

Winter dresses are great because you don’t have to slip into the comfort of trousers and jumpers. Women look stunning in them, and they are heavy or made from wool without tailoring.

They always look good with boots and hats, and you can wear bright or textured tights to give yourself a greater sense of fun. You can wear the dress to the office and take a cardigan in your bag, as you will most likely be warm at work with the heating. Wear out in the evening with lots of jewellery and wear some nail polish.

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