Eating Out

Eating Out
Four London Road, Horndean

Four London Road, Horndean: Restaurant review  

The Dish Detective’s knowledge of Horndean is, to be frank, small. The old Gales Brewery (obviously), Merchistoun Hall, being near the A3… and that’s about it. No offence, mind. It seems a perfectly pleasant place.
Three Joes, West Street, Fareham Shopping Centre

FOOD REVIEW: New restaurant basks in five-star glory

It’s the day after the snow and everything is melting. You’d have thought the Beast from the East had trapped people in their homes for weeks judging by the number of people now queuing to get into Tesco’s car park at Fareham. There must be something about not being able to get to a supermarket for 24 hours that makes people yearn for fluorescent strip lighting even more.
Shenanigans Irish Bar and Caf, Osborne Road, Southsea

FOOD REVIEW: A craic(ing) Irish breakfast

In this day and age it can be hard to find somewhere to eat that offers an authentic, traditional atmosphere. Bland, cookie-cutter chains have spread like the plague, and present a serious challenge for those looking to go somewhere with a bit of character.
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