Ed Byrne: Crowd Pleaser at Portsmouth Guildhall

Victory Morrismen in Portsmouth Guildhall. They are keeping the ancient traditional alive.

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The Portsmouth Guildhall may have been far from full, but the atmosphere inside was electric as Irish comedian Ed Byrne came to town as part of his Crowd Pleaser tour.

Mr Byrne certainly didn’t have a problem with attracting attention to the amount of empty seats, at one point saying ‘I find it a lot easier to talk to large groups of people, well even groups this size,’ which immediately had the modest Portsmouth crowd in fits of laughter.

Ed then went on to talk about all things nerdy, including his love for sc-fi, graphic novels and how his name is an anagram of ‘Be Nerdy’.

Following the interval, the talk to turned to parenthood and how women tend to get a little crazy during pregnancy, before a pant-wettingly funny rant about a cat that he and his wife had taken in.

The show was hilarious. It’s been a long time since I have laughed as much as that.

Ed Byrne is a true comedy genius with a talent to make people laugh.

It’s just a shame that there were not more people there to enjoy it.