ENTERTAINMENT: Your guide to this week's soaps

It looks like being a scary week for characters in Soapland with Halloween just around the corner.

Sunday, 30th October 2016, 6:00 am
Updated Monday, 31st October 2016, 9:55 am

Here’s a sneak preview of your favourite shows for this week:

EastEnders (BBC1)

It’s a scary Halloween for the Carters as Whitney and Lee struggle to run the pub by themselves, and Abi puts her foot in it as she continues to feel guilty about giving the groom-to-be chlamydia.

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The rest of the week proves just as stressful as Johnny discovers his brother has been keeping a secret, and Whitney’s last-minute wedding preparations don’t go to plan. So when the big day finally arrives, will the ceremony proceed without a hitch or will Lee’s self-doubt get the better of him?

Elsewhere, Patrick begins to work out why Dot has been shutting herself away, but Claudette isn’t happy about the amount of time he’s spending with his old friend.

Sharon is in for a shock when she finds Phil preparing his last will and testament, while Kathy also has some harsh words for her ex - which might not be the best way to relax Ben before his psychological assessment.

Kim takes her theory test, and Belinda and Masood grow closer as he steps in to help with her financial problems.

Coronation Street (ITV)

Maria arrives home from London to find her flat has been trashed and blood splattered up the wall. However, she’s reluctant to involve the police in case they start asking questions about her illegal marriage.

Meanwhile, Kate listens to a voicemail on her phone from Caz claiming that Maria has locked her in the bathroom and that she fears for her life. Kate storms over to the hairdresser’s flat, and although her ex isn’t there, what she sees convinces her to call the cops.

When Fiz then reveals that Caz told Tyrone that she’d been receiving abusive texts, it looks like a sham wedding could be the least of Maria’s problems...

Elsewhere, Zeedan stuns Rana with a proposal, but Sharif’s marriage is in trouble when Yasmeen overhears a very incriminating conversation - and the situation comes to a head at their grandson’s engagement party.

David struggles with his guilt as Anna tries to come to terms with the extent of her injuries, Michael asks Gail to renew their vows, and Gemma confides in Alex.

Emmerdale (ITV)

As if life in the village hasn’t been scary enough recently - the locals are still dealing with the fallout from the crash two weeks ago - Kerry plans a Halloween party, convinced it’s her chance to win back Dan.

Unfortunately, her ex swaps outfits with Ross, leading to Kerry accidentally letting slip to him about what happened between her and the local bad boy. Dan later confronts Ross, who knocks him out cold, but it’s Kerry who arguably makes the biggest mistake as she rebounds straight into Sam’s arms.

Elsewhere, Lisa realises Belle is still hearing voices and the worried mum takes her fears out on Zak, who tells her they need to pull together - and then kisses her.

Priya is hurt by Rakesh’s low sex drive, and there’s more heartbreak in store when she then finds a suicide note in his jacket. He comes clean about his plan for her to collect on his life insurance, but will it be enough to convince Priya that their relationship still has a chance?

Megan thaws towards Frank, Doug decides against rocking the boat, and Chrissie complains to Lawrence about Rebecca.

Hollyoaks (Channel 4)

Jude opens the Hollyoaks Spooktacular, but she’s the one who gets a fright when Cindy demands to know whether the housing development is a con.

After realising how much money her sister has stolen, Cindy is desperate to tell her friends the truth. Unfortunately, Liam also has plans to steal the cash for Eva, so when the money goes missing, Jude and Cindy decide to seduce him to get it back.

As the locals enjoy their Halloween party, complete with maze, fire display team and Ferris-wheel, Peri is terrified at the thought of being back in the bunker with Nico.

While a freed Sienna tries to get to Nico before the police do, the psycho drugs Peri again and corners Tom in the fortune teller tent.

Meanwhile, Eva swears to kill Jack if Liam won’t help her, and Nancy tells Darren and Jack about the chances of her having multiple sclerosis.

And after getting lost in the maze with Celine, Jesse lets slip that he loves her and they wind up kissing.

Neighbours (Channel 5)

The Halloween dance proves aptly horrific for Elly as Angus sings his song straight to her. Following Angus’s unwanted kiss, Elly’s ability to dodge Susan’s questioning becomes all the more difficult. However, when she discovers Angus is planning to leave school, Elly tries to convince him to stay.

Steph refuses to discuss her decision to end her relationship with Mark, so he leaves her to cool off.

When Tyler discovers Piper and Angus had a one-night stand, he takes reckless action and later wakes up in the driver’s seat of Tim Collins’s sports car. Ben assumes that the vehicle has been stolen, but Simone persuades Tyler not to confess about his involvement in the incident and offers to take the blame.

The gossips have a field day after news of Sonya’s surrogacy hits the local Press, and she demands that Tim issue a retraction for his latest article.

Elsewhere, David discovers that Eve is close friends with a lady from Karl’s past.

Home and Away (Channel 5)

Following the cyber-bullying incident, Olivia decides to tell the police about her abuse at the hands of Kirk Sheppard, but she is stunned when Tabitha blames her for being expelled from school.

Phoebe is shattered when she witnesses Hope making a pass at Justin, and even though she’s touched when he later apologises to her about the incident, things remain tense between them.

Evelyn warns Matt that it is wrong to falsely boost Ellie’s confidence, and struggling to study with all of the house chaos around her, Phoebe suggests she move into the farm house for some quiet. Zac discovers one of the school lockers on fire, and when Matt discovers a lighter in Ellie’s bag, she admits that she committed the deed.

Caroline visits the hospital and avoids being treated by Toni. Later, Ash overhears Caroline pleading with Nate to help her find marijuana to treat her condition.

And when John collapses at the diner, a scan reveals that he has a bleed on his brain.