Ex on the Beach Portsmouth star promises more action in upcoming season

PORTSMOUTH girl Holly Rickwood goes back for round two on a whole new season of '˜Ex on the Beach'.

Thursday, 1st September 2016, 6:00 am
Holly Rickwood from Portsmouth is appearing on Ex on the Beach on MTV

After her ‘happier’ experience on season three, Holly promises that season five ‘will have more drama.’

‘Ex on the Beach’ returning for its fifth season places a group of eight young men and women in a villa. One by one their exes are introduced into the villa to go on dates and stir up trouble. Season five, filmed in Thailand, brings back old faces from previous series. Holly, appearing in the new season, said: ‘I got into three fights on the first night’ - a foreshadowing of the drama that will unravel as the show goes on.

Growing up in Copnor, Portsmouth, Holly was approached to be on the show the first time after her ex-boyfriend, Graham Griffiths, a cast member on the show mentioned her as one of his exes.

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Holly working a nine-to-five administrative job in Portsmouth, was contacted about ‘a brand new show’, unaware that she was being interviewed for a spot on ‘Ex on the Beach’.

Holly said: ‘The show is so secretive about it all that you don’t get your flight times until the day before.’

‘I love visiting Portsmouth’, Holly added, as she has now been living in London for a year and a half.

With a new PA job, Holly still has time to come down to Portsmouth on the weekends, saying that she comes back to visit almost every weekend to see her parents who still live in the city.

She also comes back to visit old school friends from the days when she attended Mayfield School in Copnor.

Her favourite place to go out when she comes home is Tiger Tiger in Gunwharf Quays and when she was younger it was still her favourite place to go with friends.

She joked: ‘We used the lick and stick trick to try and get in. Sometimes it worked, sometimes it didn’t.

In regards to her younger self and what she wanted to do when she was older, Holly added: ‘I was a bit clueless and didn’t have any idea.’

Even now, Holly says that her reality TV career was completely random and that she loves her current job in London.

Regarding her TV career, she said we’ll have to ‘wait and see’ claiming that she loves reality TV and definitely wants to do more.

Despite her newfound fame, proven through her 20,000 Instagram followers, and eagerness to remain on our screens, she says that she still feels exactly the same.

Ex on the Beach airs on MTV on Tuesdays at 10pm.