Otiz Cannelloni comes to Highlight
Otiz Cannelloni comes to Highlight
Charmed Life Festival in 2017

Charmed Life Festival returns to Portsmouth

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Once consigned to the 1980s and considered passe, magic is back.

With TV shows like Lenny Henry’s The Magicians, Dynamo: Magician Impossible and Penn and Teller – Fool Us, the art of magic is primetime entertainment again.

But the new breed of magicians have their tongues firmly planted in their cheecks.

As such, magic is making a comeback on the comedy club circuit.

One artist riding the crest of the wave is Otiz Cannelloni.

Otiz combines the illusion of magic and the wit of stand up to produce a hybrid comic creation.

As seen on The Omid Djalili Show and The All New Harry Hill Show, his performance ranges from sheer genius and downright stupidity.

He says: ‘When I’m on stage the dressing room empties, as the rest of the comics rush to watch and learn from my mistakes. It’s taken years of practice to make something so simple look so difficult.’

Ahead of his appearances in Portsmouth next weekend, we caught up with Otiz to find out what makes him tick.

When did you first realise you were funny?

As a young boy making the extended family laugh at Christmas.

What would you be if you weren’t a comedian?

An artist. I love to paint.

What three things make you laugh?

Chalk and cheese because they’re so different. And silent movies for the original ideas from pioneers.

What’s your favourite one-liner?

If History taught us anything it’s how brilliant Geography was.

Who’s your hero?

Groucho Marx. He was a great comedy mind with total disregard for authority.

See Otiz Cannellonni at Highlight in Gunwharf Quays Portsmouth on Friday, August 26, and Saturday 27. On Friday, he’s joined by Owen O’Neill and Simon Clayton from 8pm. On Saturday, all three comedians can be seen with Miles Crawford from 8.30pm. Tickets cost £11 for Friday and £15 for Saturday on the door from 7pm or from 0844 844 0044.