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Oliver Bonus, jumper with clutch, �50.
Oliver Bonus, jumper with clutch, �50.
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If you need a foolproof wardrobe formula this season, adopt the square route for some simple fashion mathematics.

No other print screams winter quite like the check family, and you don’t need Scottish blood running through your veins to go all out with the trend.

Just find your check mate and style it your way.


Great Scot! Tartan is the instant way to add personality to your outfit.

Bold red is the classic way to don checks but you can also opt for more muted and wearable forest green or deep navy.

Play on tartan irony with this season’s vast selection of on-trend kilts, styled as wrap skirts - some even come complete with safety pin detail.

Tartan comes in grown-up glamour form too, worn as sequins rather than print. Look for dark colourways to make the piece evening appropriate.


It’s one of the newest checks on the block and you might find style inspiration watching Grand Designs rather than catwalks...

Window pane checks are symmetrical and contained, with single line squares.

These oversized checks are best worn in a stripped-back monochrome colour palette, so look for black or cream or navy and white to maintain the minimalist chic.


Not since the Levi’s 501 advert have laundrettes been this cool.

Look to run-of-the-mill washing bags for the surprise square print of the season, inspired by design house Celine.

Laundry bag checks are wide blanket weaves, with bold white, red and blue being the predominant colour palette.

Wear these checks slightly oversized - nobody ever has a tiny laundry bag so keep the dimensions the same for your wardrobe.


It’s a check trend that’s always translated well to sharp suiting.

But this season you can find chic separates like shirts and tops for casualwear or glam evening dresses.

The smaller the check, the more flattering the look, but a super-sized dogstooth is a great modern day twist if you like to be noticed.


Tweeds are best left in their traditional muted colourways - olive greens, mushroom browns and charcoal greys.

It’s how you style them that really can make all the difference.

A super-bright or neon knit will instantly modernise a heritage fabric skirt or jacket.