A warm and fuzzy feeling

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It was a hot summer evening when a symphony of feedback erupted from the Fuzz Cave, a pokey garage, deep in the depths of Portchester, that housed the birth of Capital Fuzz – four brothers, riffing to the high heavens.

These life-long best friends were brought together through their shared love for noise. With a strong following from their local fans and the legions of party people, they play at The Cellars in Eastney tomorrow.

Featuring Lord David P Gauld the Third on drums, bass playing behemoth Josh Rowe, Max Pill the operatic midget, and the smooth-talking, snappy-dresser that is Ryan Powell, they are ready to bring the noise.

Tickets are £5 advance, £6 on the door. Doors open 7.30pm. Go to thecellars.co.uk