Acoustic Jams from talented Dorset trio

Bare Jams
Bare Jams
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Bare Jams are a ‘does what it says on the tin’ band – a trio of vocals and guitar, bass and drums, that jams together acoustically.

Ollie Coombes (vocals and guitar) met Sam James (drums) at college in Dorset two years ago when they began as a duo.

Both moved to Guildford to study at the Academy of Contemporary Music a year ago when they were joined by Dave Tyler, who is also from the same area of Dorset, on bass.

‘Our music is funky, upbeat and acoustic with elements of R’n’B,’ explains Sam, 20, who has now finished his studies in drumming performance and returned home to Dorset.

In two years, Bare Jams have come a long way. Now, as well as covering a wide variety of songs, they are promoting their own sound with a 50-minute set of original material at between four and 10 gigs every month.

‘Two years on, it feels like we’re actually making headway into the industry. But there’s still a long way to go,’ explains Sam who is working with a student management company based at ACM.

Continues Sam: ‘There are no contracts, it’s all students, but it’s good to be working together.’

Sam and the rest of the band are looking forward to returning to play at Acoustix at The Square Brewery in Petersfield next week.

‘It’s a really good event. It’s got a good atmosphere. We always get a good reception and it’s good to see the other artists from around the area,’ he explains.

They have plenty more gigs in the pipeline in the coming months, but Sam reveals that, once Ollie has finished his studies in May, they may take a break.

‘We haven’t overly spoken about it, but we want to do a bit of travelling.

‘We don’t want to go away and forget what we’ve started back here. The main thing is to carry on trying to go as far as we can with Bare Jams, but we might take a few months out,’ he says.

So, fans of the band should catch the Petersfield gig as it might be their last appearance there for some time.

See Bare Jams with Chloe Reynolds and Benny Reid at Acoustix, downstairs at The Square Brewery, Petersfield, tonight from 8pm. Entry is free.