Adam Ant and The Good, The Mad and The Lovely Posse at the West Dean Festival

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Adam certainly upped the ante of West Dean Festival’s musical acts when he took to the stage.

You could have been mistaken for thinking it was 1982 again looking around the crowds, many with white stripes across their faces.

After a slow and theatrical beginning, Adam pumped up the crowd with one of the Ants’ first tunes, Plastic Surgery. Despite a few sound troubles on stage in the early part of the gig, Adam had the crowd in the palm of his hands.

He has still got the voice – and the look – to make many aspiring frontmen envious, and his new Blueblack Hussar pirate image is definitely working. His voice changing from punk growls into Tarzan-like screams from time to time only captivates the audience further.

‘You’ve all been waiting for this one, haven’t you?’ Adam taunted a few songs in, before he launched into a superb Stand and Deliver.

Although it could be said the majority of people were there to try to remember Adam in his prime, performing the likes of Ant Music and Prince Charming, it was the other not-so-famous tunes that impressed me. Zerox from his first album Dirk Wears White Sox, was a superb blend of catchy guitar riffs and driving drum beats which showed that Adam and his new band can still cut it. Kings of the Wild Frontier and Deutscher Girls were also highlights.