Allusondrugs play the name game as they come to The Joiners

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On the website for psychedelic grungers Allusondrugs, there is a powerful explanation for the band’s name.

A mission statement of sorts, it says their name is a ‘smushed together’, contraction of ‘everyone is on drugs’ and continues: ‘In this case “drugs” is a metaphor for any trivial rubbish that distracts the population from paying attention to important things that are happening in the world, like people dying of easily-treated diseases in undeveloped countries, Western superpowers using scare tactics to demonize people from other cultures so they can make everyone kill each other in the name of profit and the super-rich one per cent taking away your liberties to make it easier to suck up as much money as possible while your quality of life slowly decreases.

‘We as a society are basically just mindless drug addicts that need to wake up.’

Guitarist Drey Pavlovic spoils it a little when he explains the real genesis of their name.

‘Basically there were four of us sat in the pub there talking about potential band names for a little project we had, and I think the words came out of (fellow guitarist) Damo’s mouth – something about a past experience, and then (singer) Jason said: “Always on drugs? That sounds really cool, so we named the project that, but we didn’t realise how much we’d do in such a short space of time, and then when it came to thinking damn, we’re stuck with this band name, so we tried really hard to justify it and Damo come up with the piece on the website.

‘But we absolutely all stand by it – the only reason we hang out together is because we’re the odd ones out, and the reason we hang out together is so we can feel normal. We are the 99 per cent against the one per cent.

The band name came subconsciously and then we slapped it to the project we were doing and justified it – everything made sense

Drey Pavlovic

‘We’re all trained to consume,

‘We share those views and that’s why we play music together. The band name came subconsciously and then we slapped it to the project we were doing and justified it – everything made sense.’

The band formed in Castleford, Yorkshire in 2012, and when they realised there was no scene, they decided to create one themselves around a since-closed pub, The Black Bull.

‘It was kind of notorious, the sort of place where kids could go because they wouldn’t get IDed. We made a deal with the owner - we said if we do a gig a month for you, will you buy us a van? And it worked. We played 10 shows in a year, and each show got busier and busier.’

It soon became a hub for other local acts to play as well.

But over the past year, things have really started to take off for the band as they have landed high-profile supports with the likes of Marmozets, Lonely The Brave, We Are The Ocean and Enter Shikari.

‘It’s always positive no matter who you’re supporting, but when you’re playing in front of 2,000 people who aren’t there to see you, it can be daunting. But luckily we managed to convert loads of people from each tour.’

They are joined on the Scuzz TV – UK Throwdown Tour 2016 by Press To Meco and Max Raptor.

The Joiners, Southampton

Sunday, March 6