Andrew’s back, just don’t take him in to a Wetherspoons pub

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It’s probably safe to say that Andrew Duhon is not a fan of Wetherspoons pubs.

During his last visit to the UK, he ended up at a branch in Folkestone.

Andrew, from New Orleans, wrote a brilliantly funny and scathing journal entry about the experience, which he later posted on his website.

‘It’s like Macdonalds is here.’ he recalls. ‘We know the food is going to be sub-par, but when you’re looking for wireless internet where you can get a bite to eat and a drink, it’s somewhere you know will be cheap.

‘I was kind of tickled to write that entry, because too often my default is to paint a positive picture – often because things are pretty positive, but I was happy to have plenty of colours to paint that picture.’

Happily he had a better time at the Square Tower, which he is returning to after playing at the venue last summer.

The Grammy-nominated singer-songwriter has just finished an American tour, playing as a trio. And he’s been taking the opportunity to write with the guys.

He says: ‘The exciting thing there, we’ve been playing together for a while so now we can start being creative together, and have a process going on.

‘Rather than me finishing a song front-to-back and presenting it to the band to learn, the songs can be informed by more than one person, and these two people are much more intuitive musicians than I am. The lyrics are still mine, but the music is informed by great musical minds that serve the song.’

But he plans to use his time in the UK, when he’ll be solo again, to do some writing: ‘I haven’t sat down for very long to write solo in a while. But I will have the chance to do that now and go to that folkier place. It’s exciting to me to know that I’ve got a finite time to do that.’

And as a musician from Louisiana, he always knows that his home will help inspire him: ‘I think the soul of the place has always informed music, and it’s that same soul that inspires me. I don’t play New Orleans music, or jazz, but it’s that same singular breathing city that‘s constantly sinking into the Mississippi and has that rich history that continues to exist and inspire all kind of art.’

Andrew is at The Square Tower on Friday, July 25. Doors open 7.15pm. Tickets are £10 from