Architects at Wedgewood Rooms, Southsea

Architects at the Wedgewood Rooms by Paul Windsor
Architects at the Wedgewood Rooms by Paul Windsor

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Early queuing for a band is always a good sign, and tonight was no different for Brighton band Architects.

It was another sold out show to promote their new album, The Here and Now.

Unlike their contemporaries from a few years ago, Architects have yet to upscale to larger regional venues, but I suspect their devoted fans prefer the smaller, hotter, sweatier intimate venues and tonight it was certainly that.

Opening with single Devils Island, the band soon hit their stride with an immense guttural roar to grab everyone’s attention.

Lead singer Sam Carter is a commanding frontman whose striking blond hair is soon a lank mess after regular forays into the crowd. It all adds to the wonderful chaos of the evening.

However, the band sadly failed to build on the initial momentum and, by the third song – Numbers Count For Nothing, they had organised the first circle pit of the night (the first of four).

For the uninitiated this involves getting the audience to run around in a clockwise direction for no apparent reason.

Songs soon merged into one another with no discerning light and shade (i.e. they all sound the same).

Thankfully, the crowd saved the day with a rousing singalong to Learn to Live.

Finishing with another crowd favourite, Hollow Crown, the band proved they may be something worth shouting.

Certainly the sight of a crowd connecting with a band is a wonderful thing. One thought though lads, less circle pits please.