Asking Alexandria at the Pyramids, Southsea

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With a queue that stretched almost to the beach, it was clear from the off what a difference these four bands have made in the current metal scene.

The sold-out Pyramids Centre hosted a night of metalcore to be looked back on with admiration for years to come.

With some very strong, but short, sets from With One Last Breath and Chelsea Grin, it was time for up and comers, Blessthefall to take the stage.

They thundered their way through tracks from their new album, Awakening, with such professionalism, they blew us away. Growls from bass player Jared Warth were particularly impressive, complementing the clean vocals of Beau Boken. They could have headlined the show.

Real headliners York quintet Asking Alexandria rocketed through songs like Closure and Breathless with vicious precision, the only respite being between songs as they complimented and ogled the female members of the crowd.

It’s easy to see why this band have made such a massive impact in America. And it’s still a little bemusing that they are not as big in their native UK.

Guitarists Ben Bruce and Cameron Liddell riffed hard, without a minor blip. These lads have learned their craft and at such a young age.

The band finished with fan-favorite songs Alerion and The Final Episode to great applause and left the Portsmouth audience fulfilled and exhausted.

All that was left was to fight over the band’s plectrums and drumsticks as they launched them into the crowd. DAN VALVERDE