Aswad at the Chichester Real Ale and Jazz Festival

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Don’t Turn Around... or your offspring will steal the limelight and it was Aswad’s lead singer Drummie Zeb’s son Soloman who got the bra thrown at him rather than dad as they performed onstage together.

Every time the ‘new band member’ – as Drummie Zeb introduced him – came on stage the crowd at the Chichester Real Ale and Jazz Festival went wild.

And with chart-topping singles including Don’t Turn Around, which reached UK Number One and Shine making it into the Top Ten during the band’s performing history which spans four decades, Aswad showed this weekend that they’ve still got what it takes.

They would still be playing now if festival organisers hadn’t had to pull the plug at their 11pm deadline. There’s another chance to see Aswad at the Embassy Club at Bunn Leisure holiday park in Selsey on October 29.