Attack! Attack! at the Wedgewood Rooms, Southsea

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After what seems like a lull for the past few years, the metal scene, was well and truly back at the Wedgewood Rooms but this time it’s with a difference.

I’m not saying it was gone but something was definitely missing. Well, that hole may have been filled tonight.

Attack! Attack! thundered into their opening number with real promise and to a crowd reaction that only strengthens their place in the current metal scene. It all comes with sprinkling of rave and that’s the difference. Trancy synthesizers add a layer to their sound that seems to ring true as the future of popular metal.

There was no time to rest either. The band hacked and slashed their way through popular numbers such as ‘The Peoples Elbow’ and ‘Smokahontas’ to great applause and raucous roars – the Wedgewood Rooms crowd were really up for this one tonight.

The night seemed to run on like that – headbanging, jumping, raving and moshing to an unusual mix that just seems to flow like water.

Front man Caleb Shomo was particularly engaging and made everyone feel part of the show.

The band finished with, crowd request, ‘Stick, Stickly’ which was lapped up by the ever hungry Portsmouth moshers.

It seemed a great way to end the bands UK run, leaving a trail of metal fusion behind that they can be proud of and one that is really making a difference.