Bestival: Bastille

Bastille. ''''Picture: PA Photo/Handout.
Bastille. ''''Picture: PA Photo/Handout.
Boris Giltburg. Picture by Sasha Gusov

Celebrate the Triumph and Passion with the BSO at Portsmouth Guildhall

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Bastille’s current single Laura Palmer and album Bad Blood are out now. They play the Main stage tomorrow. We spoke to frontman Dan Smith.

Bad Blood is the 10th best-selling album of the year so far. An impressive stat – even more so when you consider the only artists to sell more than these unknown Londoners include household names like Justin Timberlake, Daft Punk, Calvin Harris, Pink and Michael Buble. How do you feel about it?

‘It’s been an interesting year, definitely. People ask me what I was expecting, and I have to say I don’t really know. Maybe I’m incredibly naive, but I was just hoping we could keep touring and make a second album.’

Not only are you still touring, you’re touring all over the globe. How’s that?

‘It’s mad. It’s one thing to win over a crowd when you’re playing to them, but it’s another to have them on your side before you’ve even turned up. Everywhere we go people know Pompeii. It’s so strange to think the song has got there before we have. But getting up and performing on stage isn’t at the top of a list of things I like doing, even now. It wasn’t until I was at university and my friends were all in bands, and I started going to a lot more gigs, that I thought about it. It was because of a combination of seeing more live music and them gently encouraging me that I started playing live.’

What are fans’ reactions like?

‘Our crowds are generally quite vocal and up for it, so we’re lucky, but during Overjoyed in Manchester recently, there were four circles of moshing.

It’s a really depressing bit of music if I’m honest, so I never expected that. And at another gig, four people were carried out after fainting. Not that our gigs are horrific or dangerous, I should add, but we never thought people would dance ‘til they dropped!’