Bestival: London Grammar

London Grammar. ''Picture: PA Photo
London Grammar. ''Picture: PA Photo
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London Grammar’s debut album, If You Wait, is released on Monday. They appear at the Replay With Rob da Bank stage tonight. We caught up with singer Hannah Reid.

Tell us about your guest appearance on Disclosure’s No.1 album Settle.

‘It was amazing how that came about. When we were deciding who our manager was going to be, Disclosure’s managers – two young guys – wanted to manage us as well. We ended up going with someone else, but stayed friendly with them. They gave Disclosure our demos and they really liked my voice, then asked if we could collaborate.’

How did the band get together? We hear Dan saw a photograph of you with an acoustic guitar on Facebook and sent you a message to ask you to start a band.

‘I’d always written songs but I’d never performed on my own. London Grammar is the first professional, or even semi-professional band, I’ve been in, although the boys have been in bands before. It took meeting Daniel for me to be able to do it, he really pushed for me to sing live with him. I get very nervous, but I’ve been trying to overcome that.’

Are you nervous about Bestival?

‘Every time we play, the audience is really supportive too and halfway through I wonder what I was scared of. The next gig though, I get really scared again.’

But surely your success must boost your confidence?

‘We’re just this band in a little nucleus. We have no perspective on how our career is going. We might do a show and expect 200 people to be there, but there’s actually 2,000 waiting for us. It’s at times like that we realise something is happening, but I don’t think we have much perspective on what it looks like from the outside.’