Big Weekend stars hot-foot it to Southsea

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After appearing at Radio 1’s Big Weekend tomorrow, Panic! At The Disco will be coming to Portsmouth the next evening.

They are billed to appear on the In New Music We Trust Stage at the free festival in Carlisle, before hot-footing it down to the other end of the country to grace the stage of the Pyramids on Southsea seafront.

The baroque-pop pioneers also recently confirmed the release of their second single from their third album.

Ready To Go (Get Me Out Of My Mind) will be released on 6 June.

Third album, Vices and Virtues was released last month and bridges the gap between the energetic pop anthems of their debut A Fever You Can’t Sweat Out and the psychedelic leanings of sophomore release Pretty.Odd.

‘It’s always been important for us not to copy what we’ve done in the past,’ says singer Brendan Urie.

‘The songs on Vices & Virtues are very stylistically diverse and that happened naturally. There are songs that have a jazz feel and then rock songs with strings and hyper-energetic moments, too. It’s really all over the place.’

It was the Las Vegas-based Grammy-nominated act’s first album as a twosome, but – despite being reduced from a quartet to a duo – they are still renowned for energetic shows with massive sing-a-longs and Brendon Urie’s powerful vocals.

Sunday’s sold out Southsea show was postponed from the end of April and tickets remain valid.