Bombay Bicycle Club at Southampton Guildhall

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This indie rock/folk band get full marks for live performances.

Selling out Southampton’s Guildhall, the young group from London have us eating out of the palm of their hand.

As we wait listening to the distinctive beats of the Crooklyn Clan and Faith Evans, suddenly Bombay Bicycle Club launch quite unexpectedly and excitedly into Shuffle.

Having gained our immediate attention, the band sweeps softly over lyric and song.

With Jack Steadman on vocals, we also welcome the delightful Lucy Rose to the usual four-piece and such a partnership boded well.

The band have an amazing stage presence, bringing each of the three albums to life.

I particularly loved the theatrical backdrop, as each member’s shadow vibrated over its audience while delivering each infectious rhythm.

New album A Different Kind of Fix leaves behind the acoustic album Flaws and welcomes the return of electric guitars in Leave It and Take The Right One.

For the encore, we are left to ponder over the sombre Still and, while in this deep thought, question how is it possible that such an inspiring band have continually managed to slip under the radar.