Bringing out the Wild Light from in the static

Thee Hypnotics live at The Wedgewood Rooms, Southsea, April 14, 2018.  Picture: Paul Windsor

REVIEW: Thee Hypnotics at The Wedgewood Rooms, Southsea

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There have been three years between albums for instrumental post-rock pioneers 65daysofstatic, but they’ve returned with a blistering effort in Wild Light.

However, the four-piece had been far from idle since finishing the touring cycle for their last album, We Were Exploding Anyway, creating a live score for the sci-fi classic Silent Running and working on a sound installation with Sheffield Millennium Gallery.

They also performed a handful of 10th anniversary shows where they played their highly-regarded 2004 debut album, The Fall of Math, in its entirety.

Guitarist and programmer Paul Wolinski recalls: ‘We did We Were Exploding Anyway and by the time we’d finished touring it was the end of 2010 and it really wore us out.

‘I felt like that was the record we’d been heading towards since we started as a band – and we were drained.

‘We didn’t want to start making a record for the wrong reasons, which would be just to go on tour.

‘That’s the only way you make any money and the alternative is to have to go and get a proper job and that’s scary – but making a record isn’t the answer.

‘So, I did a solo record of more electronic stuff that didn’t seem to sit with the 65 material. Then we did Silent Running at the Glasgow Film Festival. Basically, we were invited to do a live soundtrack to the film, so we wrote 90 minutes of new music for that. Then Wild Light just took us a long time...’

While Wild Light – their fifth album – is less abrasive than previous releases and embraces more electronic textures, the band have not mellowed out – an air of menace is never far from the surface.

‘Writing is very much the four of us,’ adds Paul. ‘We all bring ideas from different places. I still do most of the programming but as we’ve developed that’s become less central.

‘It’s basically the four of us in a room, sometimes arguing, making lots of coffee – and every so often there’s half an hour when everything goes right.’

65daysofstatic are at the Wedgewood Rooms on Wednesday. Tickets cost £12.50 and doors open at 8pm. Go to or call (023) 9286 3911.