Bringing the big riffs back home with Kodiak Jack

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Things are looking good for Portsmouth-based rockers, Kodiak Jack right now.

With a new album produced by Brian Wheat of American multi-platinum rock gods Tesla under their belts and a hometown gig coming up, the boys are in good spirits.

The five-piece went out to Sacramento in California last spring to record the sessions that became their recently-released second album, Alhambra.

Frontman Bryn Roberts recalls: ‘It was lovely, we were treated like friends, and I couldn’t fault a second of it. If money were no object, Sacramento would become our second home, It was lush.’

Debut album, Your Death: My Glory, was released to no small acclaim in 2011, but the lads are hoping this new album and it’s no-nonsense hard-rock sound will take them to the next level.

‘It’s got all the elements the band really like,’ says Bryn, ‘the big riffs, the big choruses, a few nice little solos now and again. I don’t think people need to know the album to come see us and appreciate it live.’

‘We‘re getting some really good press though. The album’s gone down an absolute storm, we’ve got reviews from Brazil and New York, all over, and they’re better than we expected.

‘We hope things are really going to take off from here, and who know where we might be in six months to a year.’

But first of all, tomorrow they’re playing at the Wedgewood Rooms.

‘We’ve played loads at the Wedgewood Rooms, that is our second home, really. There’s nowhere else I’d want to play in Portsmouth. There are loads of other great venues but that’s the pinnacle for us. We love it there – it’s our home crowd, it’s got a great sound and that’s where we built our following, and kind of who we are.’

The band is completed by Jon Karp on guitars, Jeff Arnold on guitars, Kev Farren on bass and Keiran Bellinger on drums.

Doors open tomorrow at 8pm, tickets cost £5. Go to or call (023) 9286 3911.