Charlie Simpson at the Pyramids, Southsea

Charlie Simpson at the Pyramids.  Picture: Martin Cox/
Charlie Simpson at the Pyramids. Picture: Martin Cox/
TV Smith

Southsea Punkfest 2.0 The Dockyard Club, Old Portsmouth Saturday, April 28  

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Charlie Simpson is like the beginner’s guide to rock.

If you feel that you have outgrown screaming at pop idols then perhaps it’s time to start screaming at pop-rock idols.

His blend of pop-rock certainly raised a few screams from adoring girls at the Pyramids.

The ex-Busted and ex-Fightstar musician is touring to promote his first solo studio album, Young Pilgrim.

The singer-songwriter’s music has matured into a rock vibe and he clearly has a well-built fanbase already in place.

He was backed by such an excellent and tight band, I felt as if this gig should be Charlie Simpson and…

It almost felt conceited for him to claim it as a purely solo gig. I was left waiting for the moment when he would take to the mic acoustically and prove that he didn’t need the rest of the band to make a good solid sound.

This conceitedness continued on to the end of the gig, when he faced that awkward moment when the crowd stop cheering and you haven’t come back on for your encore. Nevertheless he came back for an encore, and I’m pleased he did because Riverbanks was by far and away the best track of the night.