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Happy Halloween! Well, for tomorrow anyway. It’s about the only time of year I can actually get away with leaving the house with no make-up on.

I think literally everywhere you go this weekend there will be some form of spooky event occurring, so the possibilities are endless.

Whether you are a wicked witch, the walking dead or some other Halloween delight you will end up blending in with the chaos of Halloween weekend.

First up, the highly anticipated Halloween Discreet event. This time they have given some prior warning and put on special coaches as the event takes place at The Engine Rooms in Southampton from 10pm until 4am. I can only imagine witching hour on the return coach journey.

Their plan this time is to bring you into an engaging and immersive fright-fest with amazing music from special guest and resident DJs.

Lead character Doctor Albert Von Fritzl has spent his time trying to create the all-powerful super soldier – piecing together body parts of horrifically injured troops before injecting them with BlietZomKrieg serum and shocking them with high-voltage electricity.

So as per usual you can already guess the team have gone all-out with their production and you will be sucked in and possibly never allowed to leave, well, leave alive, anyway.

There is still time if you haven’t got your ticket – entry is £15, £26 including coach return. The doctor will see you now!

If you aren’t planning on leaving Portsmouth and want to stay local, but aren’t too sure what you fancy doing, but know that you want to have an insane night from start to finish, then I think I may have just the event for you.

The Monkey Love Stunt Team Halloween Massacre will be held at The Royal Albert from 8pm until 1am.

I mean, Halloween was just made for these guys, Fly Mike in particular. It will be a no-holds-barred fancy dress extravaganza with a variety of house, disco, hip-hop and soul.

Did I mention, all this fun is also free?

Do not miss out!