Coasts are heading for the coast on latest tour

Andrew WK celebrates another good review.

REVIEW: Andrew WK at The Wedgewood Rooms, Southsea

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Certain members of rising indie-pop act Coasts should be counting their lucky stars that they’ve made it to this tour which sees them arrive at The Wedgewood Rooms on Tuesday.

Drummer Ben has a hard-won reputation as the band’s wildman, which he more than lived up to while travelling.

As keyboard player Dave told The Guide: ‘He’s had some interesting experiences.

‘About a year ago he left the band for a while to go travelling in South America, and in Nicaragua he jumped off a waterfall – he managed to scalp himself on a rock and broke his neck and back.

‘He got diagnosed with whiplash by the local hospital and carried on travelling. It was still hurting about a week later so he went to a major hospital where they told him he’d broken his neck.

‘He ended up recording one of our EPs while he was still in neck and back brace.

‘The rest of us are fairly straight down the line – he’s definitely the wild one.’

The five-piece band are starting to make some serious waves – their early track Oceans has notched up an impressive 4.3m listens on Soundcloud – and they played at Radio 1’s Big Weekend event back in the summer.

‘It was awesome, it was such a great opportunity to play,’ recalls Dave. ‘We were on just after One Direction which was a bit weird. We got to watch One Direction, which was certainly an interesting experience too.

‘We have quite a pop crowd at our gigs – a lot of people who like us do like Bastille, 1975 and One Direction and stuff like that.

‘We do get indie fans too, but not as many as say someone like Peace.’

Since forming in 2011, the Bristolians have hit upon a new genre too – trop-pop.

‘It was one we came up with ourself. We were rehearsing in the middle of summer and we thought: “Let’s write the sunniest songs we can”, so we set about writing these big summer songs with calypso and steel pans. It started as a bit of an in-joke, but it’s become this quite cool genre.’

See for yourself on Tuesday. Doors open 8pm, tickets cost £8. Go to