Darwin Deez prepares to Double Down at The Wedgewood Rooms

Darwin Deez
Darwin Deez
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Anyone who’s ever seen Darwin Deez live will know that you can expect plenty of dancing from the band on stage.

And as he embarks on the tour in support of his recently-released third album, Double Down, The Guide asks Darwin, do you pick your band members for their dancing ability?

‘I take it for granted the amount of skill that’s required just because I don’t think of any of the dances we do,’ he says.

‘I don’t think of them being technically difficult, but some of the newer members of the band tend to get a little bit nervous about doing the dances, I guess it takes something.

‘I think it works if you do it poorly anyway,’ he laughs, ‘I think it’s just as entertaining, if there’s one person up there just losing it.’

Darwin is the sole songwriter and plays everything in the studio, but puts together the band for the live shows. As he explains:

‘It seems to change a little bit on each album, but it’s been fairly consistent over the last few years. Members come in and out and back in again, based on their availabilities and stuff.

‘My friend Zach who’s now playing the guitar, he’s been in the band for a long time, he’s now played every instrument in the band.’ With bone-dry humour he notes: ‘He started off as the drummer, and now he’s fulfilled his destiny to play the guitar – but he’s only really a bass player.’

While he still harbours a love for the UK drum and bass scene he was obsessed with as a teenager, his main influences for the new album are listed in typically eclectic fashion as Michael Jackson’s Thriller, post-punks The Dismemberment Plan and Outkast’s Andre 3000.

Darwin says: ‘I feel like my previous record (Songs For Imaginative People) was definitely an experiment, and the title of it was a reference to the fact that the listeners were going to have to do a bit of work to get what there is to get out of this record.

This record I would describe it as a consolidation of previous expermients into formulas that I know are effective

Darwin Deez

‘But this record – I would describe it as a consolidation of previous experiments into formulas that I know are effective.’

Darwin Deez is at The Wedgewood Rooms on Tuesday. Doors 8pm, suported by Peluche. Tickets £12.50.

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