Don’t go the wrong concert venue!

Orchestra chairwoman Anne White in action
Orchestra chairwoman Anne White in action
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SOUTHSEA doctor Anne White, who is the chairwoman of the Portsmouth Philharmonia is sending out an SOS.

It’s a ‘save our symphony’ message.

Portsmouth’s highly respected amateur orchestra is in a bit of a fix.

They were planning to perform an ambitious concert in aid of the Samaritans in St John’s Catholic Cathedral in Portsmouth at 7.30pm on Saturday, June 17 but, due to an administrative slip-up, the venue wasn’t booked in time.

And Portsmouth Cathedral already had an important service on that day which couldn’t be moved.

So Portsmouth Philharmonic had to find another place to stage the concert.

Fortunately, St Agatha’s Church in Market Way came to the rescue, and will now host the event.

It’s just a very short walk from St John’s.

Unaware of the unfortunate booking error, Portsmouth Festivities have issued hundreds of brochures with the wrong venue to homes in the PO1 to PO6 areas.

And a handful of tickets have already been sold by the King’s Theatre which is the main place to buy them.

As well as being the orchestra’s chairwoman, Anne White is also a highly accomplished flute player.

She is desperately keen to let as many people as possible know that the concert is to now be held at St Agatha’s.

She doesn’t want people to miss it.

This is hardly surprising. Portsmouth Philharmonia’s concert promises to be a fantastic event.

Not only will the 50-strong orchestra be playing but they will be joined by the Portsmouth Chorus and the stunning soprano soloist Anita Gosh.

On the programme there’s a rendition of Hubert Parry’s Blessed Pair of Sirens, Poor Wandering One by Gilbert and Sullivan, Bessie Was a Black Cat by Peter Jenkins, Vaughn Williams’ Let Us Now Praise Famous Men and Rainstorm composed by the orchestra’s conductor Hugh Carpenter.

The orchestra’s piece de resistance will be the second movement of Saint-Saens’ stupendous Organ Symphony.

As its title implies, this is a mighty work by the renowned French composer which demands an organ, hence the need for a church setting.

Please spread the word. It would be a shame if the audience turned up at the wrong place.

Also, visit the website and find out more about this vibrant ensemble.