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Brookes Brothers
Brookes Brothers
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With their unique brand of highly-charged, uplifting dance floor drum ‘n’ bass, Dan Brookes and Phil Brookes (AKA the Brookes Brothers) have had a huge impact creating the current wave of feel-good music.

They release their début self titled album on Monday and hit South Parade Pier tonight as part of Hospitality.

We caught up with Dan to find out more.

Tell us a little about yourself and what first attracted you to drum ‘n’ bass.

We’re two brothers from London who started producing drum ’n’ bass around 2001. We’ve always tried to push the more soulful side of things, with big bass of course.

Having evolved from the darker side of jungle, do you think today’s d’n’b has what it takes to go from underground to mainstream?

It’s certainly becoming more accepted by mainstream media and consumers. I doubt it will ever be hitting the top 10 regularly, but there are definitely artists around who are capable of doing that. It’s been done before with Shy Fx’s Shake UR Body and DKay’s Barcelona.

The dubstep craze really went wild in 2010 and is looking even bigger in 2011. Will your new album incorporate a dubstep edge?

A few of the tracks are heavily dubstep influenced. We’ve done a track on the album called In Your Eyes featuring the reggae legend Johnny Osbourne. It will be released on June 6, the same day as the full LP.

Tell us more about the sound of the album.

There’s d’n’b, dubstep, electro house, hip hop and ambient music on there, but it’s predominantly a drum’n’bass album. The style is our own fusion of dancefloor, euphoric tracks and some more brooding atmospheric stuff. There should be something on there to suit every mood.

You’re tour will be stopping off in Portsmouth. Where else will you be jetting-off to and where are you looking forward to playing the most?

We’re always hyped for Portsmouth. We’re playing all over the place this Summer – really looking forward to Creamfields, La Belleviloise in Paris, Secret Garden Party and Urban Art Forms in Austria. Bring on the sun!

Portsmouth has seen many pioneering and innovative DJs. How do you plan to bring the crowd something fresh?

Our album is released the following day but some lucky people in Portsmouth will be bagging a free copy the night before. We’re gonna bring various goodies down to the gig and sign them for people and stuff. And, of course, we’ll play a banging set full of new tunes. See y’all soon!


The Brooked Brothers are at Hospitality on South Parade Pier tonight. With Danny Byrd, Netsky, N-Type, Cyantific, and Charge + Tru:bass from 9pm to 3am. Tickets cost £13 (student) or £15 from ticketshack.com.