Dry The River: suffering for their art

Dry The River are set to play the Wedgewood Rooms
Dry The River are set to play the Wedgewood Rooms
Boris Giltburg. Picture by Sasha Gusov

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No-one can accuse the members of Dry The river of lacking authenticity.

In their most recent video, for new single Everlasting Light, the band are depicted fighting, and losing to a group of female judo athletes.

Drummer Jon Warren says: ‘I’ve only just finished a series of physio on my shoulder because I got thrown so much.

‘Scott (Miller, bass) cracked a rib, Pete (Liddle, vocals) cracked a rib – we really went for it, and we got a great video as a result.

‘They were absolute pros – I think two were from the Olympic team. They did show us how to fall and they were really good with us, but we’re just incompetent.’

Last month the alt-rock band released their long-awaited second album, Alarms in the Heart, the follow-up to 2012’s acclaimed Shallow Bed.

Jon explains why it took them longer than hoped to make their return: ‘We had been touring for two years solidly. We knew we needed to write some new material as there’s only so many times you can play the same set. We were itching to do something new, we foolishly thought we’d take a month, write some stuff, then another month to record, and then back on the road.’

‘Pete wrote some stuff, then we shipped ourselves off to Iceland. While we were there we tracked what we thought would be the finished album, and it took a lot longer than we thought. We just wanted to make it more like our live shows. It’s always been more impactful, a bit brasher and louder, and we wanted to move away from that new-folk thing.’

Check out the new sound when Dry The River play the Wedgewood Rooms on Thursday, October 2 at 8pm. Tickets: £12.50. Visit wedgewood-rooms.co.uk