DZ Deathrays prepare to unleash the Black Rat

The DZ Deathrays
The DZ Deathrays
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There’s a proud tradition of Antipodean hellraisers – and it’s one that DZ Deathrays are ready, willing and able to uphold.

Despite still calling Australia home, the hard-rocking and hard-partying duo of Shane Parsons on vocals and guitars, and Simon Ridley on drums, are often to be found playing in the UK.

Last month they played a blistering sold-out show at The Cellars in Eastney.

But for those who missed that, or those who caught it and understandably want to see them again, they’re at The Joiners in Southampton on Friday, August 15 as part of a month-long UK tour.

Speaking shortly before their date at The Cellars, Simon told The Guide: ‘After the last record came out, we were on the road for nine months straight.’

‘Most of the time we just try to keep on touring. I always thought of us as more of a live band, so the best way to do it is to show our music to as many people as possible.

‘We’ve started playing the new material live because the new album came out in Australia in May. It’s kind of weird doing those songs over here though, because no-one’s heard it yet.

‘It sits in with the older stuff really well, and we’ve brought on an extra guitarist for some of the stuff.

‘For the bigger shows, if you don’t have the extra guitar lines in there, you can hear it, but in sweaty little clubs with people flying around on top of each other, they’re not too worried about the finer points.

‘We still like to make it intense live though.’

The pair have said in the past how they formed for the sole purpose of playing at house parties.

With second album, Black Rat, due out on August 18, the pair haven’t exactly mellowed, but they have evolved from their ‘thrash party’ roots.

Describing the album, Simon says: ‘Ultimately it’s music that would work at a house party.

‘The new record, we wanted to write stuff for the start of the night, high-energy, some dancier tracks, kind of a midnight track, and then some slower stuff for the morning when everyone’s lethargic.

‘We never expected to get this far in our career – we just keep doing it.’

Portsmouth’s Rickyfitts and Battery Hens are supporting. Tickets cost £5 and doors open at 7.30pm. Go to