Eliza in town

Eliza Doolittle has sold out the Pyramids
Eliza Doolittle has sold out the Pyramids
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Weaving her radiant, urban style chirpily through soulful beats and charming melodies is what enables Camden-born Eliza Doolittle to float effortlessly above her counterparts.

Time after time, the stylishly whimsical 22-year-old mixes clanking percussion and shimmering piano parts with flashes of guitar, glockenspiel and even the ukulele.

Although these parts play a hugely influential role in the sound she delivers, it’s her sunbeam-style vocal, smothered on top like a sugary dollop of pink icing, that ultimately makes you lick your lips for more.

Throw in her animated appearance and cheerful breezy swagger and it seems there’s nothing about this girl that’s not to like.

Eliza’s self-titled debut album was released earlier this year to widespread critical acclaim.

The album combines more of her witty lyrical inventiveness with poptastic melodies and hooks to keep you smiling all day long.

Eiza returns to Portsmouth with a sold-out show at the Pyramids on Tuesday.

Tickets are still available to see her in Bournemouth a week later. See ticketmaster.co.uk.