Family-friendly fun with the folk duo Megson

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For anyone who has ever felt folk gigs could use more bubbles, duo Megson are the act for you.

The husband and wife team will be playing two shows in one day when they come to The Spring Arts Centre in Havant on March 7.

The first, at 2.30pm is billed as a Family Folk Show – and will include a bubble machine alongside the child-friendly tunes.

The latter, at 8pm, is their more usual fare.

Stu and Debbie Hanna recorded an album for children, When I Was a Lad in 2012. Stu explains: ‘It’s a collection of children’s folk songs.

‘We had just had a little girl and we thought it would be nice to put together a collection of children’s folk songs for her and to kind of mark where we are in our lives. And we’d had a few friends asking for good music for children, so we thought we would put something together ourselves.

‘After that, a few people said why don’t you do a concert as well?

‘Not many people do them, it is a little unusual, but they always go down well.

‘It’s a different show to what we normally do - we don’t have the bubble machine usually for the adult show – but we do get a few people asking for it. They don’t ask for the animal noises though, funnily enough – there’s a lot of those in the children’s show.

‘When we do the children’s show we don’t compromise our playing, we still want to make sure that’s of the highest standard, you just present it in a different way. You chat to them and get them involved in the songs, it’s really good fun.

‘That interaction is big part of our children’s concert but it’s part of our adult concert too anyway.’

Their most recent album, In a Box, was critically acclaimed, and the duo are three time nominees for Best Duo at the BBC Radio 2 Folk Awards. Tickets for the early show are £8 for adults, £5 for children. Tickets to the evening show are £12.50.

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