Final shows at venue have provided great highlights

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SINCE it was announced in April that The Cellars at Eastney was to close, there have been a few chances to grab some last happy memories.

Steve Pitt, the venue’s manager, said: ‘I would like to say every gig been sold out, but that’s not the case. I had deliberately tried to put in some really good and interesting gigs and welcome some friends back one last time who’ve been regular faces.

‘We had Paul Young and Los Pacaminos, that was good – there was a gig that was booked back before I knew we were going to close, Jah Wobble and the Invaders of the Heart, that was sold out and then some. There were also a whole range of gigs that didn’t meet expectations, so in a way it’s validated our decision.’

Last night saw The Bluetones frontman Mark Morriss play a final ‘Christmas show’ – his December gigs have been a highlight of The Cellars calendar for the past eight years.

‘Miles Hunt of The Wonderstuff and Mark are our two patrons, unofficially,’ said Steve.

‘That was something we were going to work on developing this year, before events overtook us.

‘Mark Morriss said he wanted to do one last Mark Morriss and friends Christmas party. It’s really lovely he wanted to come back.

‘Miles was another one who said he wanted to come back. Him and Erica, they’ve been great friends of The Cellars.

‘It’s been nice that people have wanted to do that. Peter Howarth, the frontman of The Hollies, he moved his show from September. It’s been great to see some people we might have otherwise missed. There have been some nice memories to take away.’