Floods didn’t stop Grinspoon

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Chances are, unless you’re Australian or some kind of rock musicologist, you won’t have heard of Grinspoon.

If you are from Down Under, this multi-platinum selling band will need no introduction. For the rest, YouTube will make you an instant expert, and possibly even a fan.

The band has been around since around 1995 and, sonically, they occupy a place between Green Day and Queens Of The Stone Age.

Their latest album, Six To Midnight, is out now and their forthcoming UK tour hits the Wedgewood Rooms on Wednesday.

Bass player Joe Hansen says they are lucky to be on the road at all, having narrowly escaped the recent floods Down Under.

He explains: ‘Our drummer, Kris, lives in Brisbane and he stayed in his house to hold the fort while his wife and kids evacuated.

‘The water was lapping at his doorstep, but didn’t get any higher.

‘My mate Troy Cassar-Daley, who’s a massive country music star down here, had his two-storey farmhouse go half under water so that was pretty devastating, but thankfully no-one I know lost their lives.

‘We just had to drive through a bunch of floodwaters ourselves to get out of a town we played at in the Queensland outback.

‘Our Toyota Tarago van was ploughing through waters as high as your waist, against the advice of the roads authority.

‘It was pretty hairy but when it comes to rock’n’roll you gotta do what it takes – the show must go on!’

n See them at the Wedgewood Rooms on Wednesday with Jettblack, The Lost Souls Club, and Attack! By Man With Stick from 8pm. Tickets: £10 from (023) 9286 3911.