Four Years Strong at the Wedgewood Rooms, Southsea

Four Years Strong
Four Years Strong
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Despite having a day off from this year’s Kerrang! Tour, American hardcore band Four Year Strong did what they love to do – squeeze in a show at the Wedgewood Rooms.

They played up the road in Southampton a few nights ago, but Wednesday’s show was a fully-rammed sell-out.

A lot has been said about the hirsute nature of the American hardcore scene these days.

First-up, I have to mention the audience who made a good effort in pre-pubescent facial hair growth.

Support band The Wonder Years sported an impressive 50 per cent beard turnout and leapt about with great enthusiasm, if nothing else.

It was left to the headliners to show who are kings, not only in the facial hair stakes (100 per cent), but also the biggest tattoos and biggest riffs.

Led by the frontline of Alan Day and Dan O’Connor, it’s a fearsome sight.

Musically, though, it’s fairly predictable stuff – lots of call and response from the band and audience, with the crowd happily helping out with beefing up the vocals.