Fugitive Orchestra’s new EP gives double vision

Fugitive Orchestra. Picture by Adam Lacey
Fugitive Orchestra. Picture by Adam Lacey
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The one-man band that is Fugitive Orchestra is putting on a gig to celebrate the release of his new EP, Heterochromia.

The four-track release is named after the condition where people have different-coloured irises in their eyes.

James Tattington, who won last year’s All About The Song competition, explains how it fits with his ethos: ‘I was asked about my own songwriting process – why don’t you use normal songs, with the word “I” instead of “you”?

‘But I’m interested in looking at certain situations from different viewpoints. I was reflecting about that and the word came up in conversation and I found it intriguing.

‘I thought if you’ve got two different eyes, then there’s the concept of looking at the same thing from two different perspectives while being the same person.

‘For me, it opened up this whole theme of different viewpoints from the same space and time.’

David Bowie famously had the condition – it’s not an obscure tribute to the rock star who died in January days after dropping his final album, Blackstar, then?

‘That was probably in the back of my mind because it was such a massive blow to music, and it was the most astonishing album release – I think we’ll be reeling from that for years.

‘It wasn’t a conscious thing at the time though.’

The EP is being released through Beth Shalom Records, and James is being supported by the label’s founder Joe Booley on the night.

James says: ‘Joe approached me about putting a release out.

‘He’s a passionate and interested and interesting guy. It was a good fit – he was the right man for the job so I was incredibly chuffed when he approached me.’

Of the four tracks, two were recorded at home in a room which I’ve been affectionately calling ‘Flat Four Studios.’ The third was recorded at Quay West Studios,

‘The final one, Doctors, Lawyers & Indian Chiefs, that’s the one I recorded at The Strongroom as part of my prize for winning All About The Song.

‘I had been sitting on my hands in a way, waiting to give it a proper release because it was something I was incredibly excited about and to get out there on a proper, dignified release.’

The Wave Maiden, Southsea

Friday, July 29