Get ready for a weird and wonderful time

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With everyone from Kerrang! to The Guardian, via Rolling Stone, Q and plenty more heaping praise on them, Marmozets might be forgiven for letting it go to their heads a bit.

The Yorkshire five-piece’s debut album The Weird and Wonderful Marmozets cracked the Top 30 on its release last year, and their live shows have gained an impressive reputation.

But the band, which is made up of two sets of siblings (Becca, Sam and Josh Macintyre and Jack and Will Bottomley), are making sure they stay grounded.

Guitarist Jack explains: ‘I think the fact that we’re quite young makes it easier for us.

‘We’re not naive, but I think a lot of it has to do with where we live. If you’re in London and you’re caught up in it all the time, then it might go to your head, but because we’re from this small town called Bingley we go to the local and we’ve got all our friends around here – we go out and talk about standard things and do our normal thing.’

Although, as he admits, it’s hard not to have your head turned when you go from living it up in Hollywood to coming home to small town England.

‘We don’t forget about those experiences, we just come home and get on with it,’ he adds.

The hard-rocking, hard-working group racked up 120 shows last year, and have got a busy 2015 lined up, with more dates back in America as well as a visit to Japan.

‘The whole live aspect is the main bit for us as a band. That’s what we want to be known as – it’s the best bit for us,’ says Jack.

And we’re pretty non-stop again this year, but it’s better than not doing anything.’

The young band – they’re aged from 19 to 23 – also experienced their first trip to the US last year, as part of the Vans Warped Tour, which is akin to a travelling festival.

‘We’d never been out there before and it’s such a different animal that tour, especially as that’s not a normal tour.

‘You drive for God knows how long between each show. We were in a van and doing 13 hour drives, it can be a bit horrific,’ he laughs, ‘but it was good fun.’
‘We’d only toured in the UK and done the odd festival date in Europe, so it was great.

‘We saw some amazing things – it was a different world for us.’

Their upcoming tour starts at The Wedgewood Rooms in Southsea on Wednesday.

Doors open 8pm, tickets cost £10. Go to or call (023) 9286 3911.