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Groundlings Theatre, Portsea

Dylan is an oddball and he knows it. Which is what makes him, in the end, immensely likeable.

That at least is how he seems in Adam Brown’s riveting performance, which renders even the unlikeliest lines and facial expressions totally in character.

A chicken (don’t ask) is at the heart of Portsmouth writer Roger Goldsmith’s play, which veers between the droll and the laugh-out-loud funny. But the white meat of the title is something else entirely – something for which Dylan learns to acquire a taste.

All four characters are well-drawn by writer and actors. Laura Fawzia is a plausible mix of tender-hearted and hard-headed as the beauty who bowls Dylan over, and she and Lauren Oakley have an entertaining girly fight under Colette McDermott’s direction.

As a womaniser, Phil Everest can only be described as admirably cocky.

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